The Comfort Zone, Is It Really Security?

You know the place. It’s that space where you feel the safest. We are all creatures of habit and we tend to not notice when we get “too comfortable” in our lives. So maybe we don’t truly realize that we are in a perpetual comfort zone. At least not until it becomes a rut that we aren’t quite sure how to get out of.

I like to watch HGTV and one of my favorite shows, in particular, is House Hunters International. The show is based on the idea that people are making life changing moves to other countries. Some people are doing it for work reasons. But some people are giving up everything that they have ever known to move to another country just because they want to. They have a dream and they have decided to make it become reality.

How did they do it, you ask? You guessed it; they stepped well outside of their comfort zone to make it happen. Now they are living their dream life in Paris or Rome or where ever it is that they decided to move to. It is a major life change that I would think would be hard to do. But those people must have at some point decided that the only way to make their dream come to life is to do it!

I know how it is; you have bills that won’t pay themselves and job obligations. So you say, “I can’t do that because of my obligations.” That is your comfort zone talking. But secretly you are thinking, “Why can’t my life be like that?” But your life CAN be that way.

The comfort zone is a terrible false sense of security. It tricks you into thinking you should stay where you are. But in reality, it is limiting you from living the way that you truly want to. You do have that power inside of you to change your life. We all do. We just have to realize it.

We all want to achieve our goals in life. But I think what stops a lot of from getting there is fear. Fear of the unknown. But even if we stay in our comfort zone the unknown is still there even if we don’t realize it. None of us know what the future holds for us and that is the unknown that everybody faces no matter where they are.

So maybe moving to a foreign country is too drastic a step for most of us to even contemplate. Maybe just starting with baby steps is the way to go. But those baby steps will include stepping outside of your comfort zone. It is the only way to create change in your life. You have to make it happen, one small step at a time.

It is hard to do. I include myself in this too because I have a hard time dealing with change just as much as the next person does. I can tell what changes or small steps you should make because it is different for everyone. Only you will know the answer to that. I can only tell you that you shouldn’t wait too long to take those steps because you could wind up living a life of regret if you don’t.

Ask any overachiever out there. They will tell you that they didn’t get where they are remaining in one spot. They succeed by constantly changing. They live outside of their comfort zone and probably never look back at what was. We all need to consider doing a little bit of that if we are going to live our lives to the fullest.


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