Being Genuine When You Write

Are you truly genuine when you write? I don’t just mean sounding genuine, I mean being genuine. There is a big difference between the two. Being genuine means that you write your true thoughts no matter what people may think of them. Sounding genuine simply means that you write what you think people want to hear. This is what they mean to me, anyway.

While it may be more difficult to be truly genuine when you write I think it is always the better way to go. It may not be what some people want to hear and it may even offend some people. But we all have the right to speak our minds. It is the beauty of living in a free society.

In my last blog post, I did just that and then had second thoughts about it afterward. I had shared something on Twitter and got some really nasty responses which I didn’t expect. So I wrote a blog post about it. It was of a political nature which is a topic I almost never write about. The reason is that seems to bring out the crazy people, now more so than ever. Crazy is probably a bad choice of words, but you get the idea. We’ll say people that are very passionate in their beliefs. But then I thought no I have a right to speak my mind too. After all, it is my blog. But this is an example of how difficult it can be to really speak your mind. Because what you say may not be very popular.

In fact, popularity could be a big reason why people aren’t being genuine when they write. We all want to be popular. We want people to read our books and blogs and like them. But I think we achieve that goal better when our writing is original and that means speaking our minds. We all have something unique to offer. It is what makes reading other people’s blogs interesting and probably why they became so popular. As long as we are respectful of others and don’t get belligerent we should be good.

It doesn’t matter what type of writing that you do either. It can be fiction, nonfiction, blogs or anything else. The more you write your true feelings and just be you, the more successful you will be. It is how we find ourselves and our voice. It is only then that we will really build the readership that we are hoping to.


2 thoughts on “Being Genuine When You Write

  1. Always be true to yourself and speak in your own voice. Try to be respectful if you’re going the political route, but I think at times like we have right now we need people to speak their minds. Ignore the crazies.

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