Political Bashing on Social Media

This topic was not going to be what I was going to post about today. Mainly because talking about politics these days is a loaded gun. But I had an experience a little while ago on Twitter that I felt I had to write about.

I like to read online magazines because it gives me ideas for blog post and books topics. I frequently share things that I find on Twitter and my Facebook page. I shared something that was of a political nature today which I did without even thinking about. Someone retweeted it and added a very nasty comment almost like they were trying to start a fight with me. I immediately unfollowed them and blocked them because I am not going to put up with that crap on any social media platform.

The article that I sent over to Twitter was not meant to bash anyone. Had I Know it was going to cause an issue I wouldn’t have shared it in the first place. I share things that I find interesting and that is all. I don’t like to follow many people who have a lot of political garbage on their profile because nine times out of ten it leads to political bashing. I don’t want that crap in my Twitter feed.

I call it garbage because that is exactly what I think it is. We all have our own views on things. It is what America is all about. But the radical extremism with both parties is getting ridiculous! The level of hate on both sides is alarming. There is no respect for the side’s views at all. So how is anything supposed to get better?

We are ALL Americans. One of the biggest problems in this country is the constant bickering between the Democrats and the Republicans. I am so sick of hearing it and know that I am not the only one that feels this way either. It is one of the many reasons why the people who really need help don’t get it. People who are hungry and homeless don’t give a rat’s ass about the Republican Party trying to get dirt on the Democratic Party and vice versa. They just want food and a place to sleep at night. It is long overdue for both parties to GROW UP, SHUT UP, and learn to work together and those goes for all of the radical nuts on social media too.

None of the problems that this country faces are going to get fixed if the two parties can’t come together and do the jobs that they were voted in for. Any intelligent political leader would shut that crap right down when they hear it. But most of them join in bashing the other side. It is this garbage that keeps the country divided instead of bringing it together. Trump said he was going to drain the swamp, so to speak. But I think the best way to do that is to get rid of both parties and have something new because both sides seem to be more interested in attacking each other than are in helping the American People.


4 thoughts on “Political Bashing on Social Media

  1. We are ALL Americans? No! Those you call the Right or, at least a vast majority of them are Americans, Those on the Left, aside from a small minority, are not Americans in any way except the necessary legalism. Hell! They’re quite vocal about hating America – and often the very idea of nations period.


    1. donnagarloch

      Thank you for proving my point. THIS is exactly what I am talking about. It is the very definition of political bashing. Republicans don’t have the right to claim that they are anymore American than anyone else and neither do the Democrats. People who broadcast that claim and insult others on social media are even less American. They are just radical nuts, on both sides!


    2. Here’s a couple of unpleasant things to think about:

      Can you call a person who constantly voices opinions that a nations is bad and equally constantly tries to change that nation into something unrecognizable a citizen of that country in a sense other than law?

      Is hate so very wrong when the two camps involved have no common ground – not even foreign enemies anymore – and almost every thing either one is willing to strive or fight for is what the other willing to strive or fight against?


      1. donnagarloch

        What I call them is radicals on BOTH SIDES. It is another point that I was trying to make. It why nothing gets done to make the country better. It is either far left or far right and nothing in between. It is time to clean house and get rid of all the party bullshit. So if you want to argue, take your radical political bashing to Twitter. It seems to be popular there. Your next comment is going to spam. I am not wasting my day arguing about crazy nonsense because that’s all this is.


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