Create a Positive Environment

This is a follow-up to my post, Staying Positive in Difficult Times. When you are going through a tough time is important to try to stay positive. But what about what happens after the fact? Or, what happened to lead you down that road in the first place. Sometimes unforeseen things happen from outside sources that we have no control over. So you have to just go with it and get through it as best you can.

Sometimes the people that you chose to surround yourself with can create a toxic environment. You may not even realize that you are doing it. But it could lead to new disaster or cause you to repeat past mistakes over and over again. These people could even be your own family members. I have experienced this in my life. Trust me when I say that is hard to distance yourself from members of your own family. But sometimes you just have to do it for your own sanity!

It is one thing to be in a bad relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend, but it is quite another when it is your family that is giving you grief. How the people closest to you treat you often reflects the way that you see the world. If it is bad then that will be your whole outlook on life.

Here are a few signs that your relationship with a certain person or people could be a toxic one:

  1. You feel that your own health and well-being is being damaged.
  2. You feel belittled or are made to feel less than the person or people that you are dealing with.
  3. There is a constant struggle for power.
  4. There is physical and/or emotional abuse.
  5. There is constant distrust and disrespect.

These are just a few warning signs of a bad relationship, there are a lot more. But if you are experiencing any of these then it could be time for you to take action. These negative influences can cause permanent damage. Don’t let the actions of others ruin your outlook on life. That can be one of the reasons that you find yourself in bad situations to begin with.

In order be on the right track and stay that way you need to create a positive, healthy living environment for yourself. That may mean cleaning house with the people around you even if it is family members. If you can’t bring yourself to make a clean break then limit the time you spend with them. If you live with them move out if at all possible.

You need to think of your own well-being first. It is self-preservation. You are just as important as anyone else and don’t forget that. Often time’s abusive people will try to take that away from the ones they are abusing. Don’t let them. You need to distance yourself from them even if it means seeking outside help to do it.

Once you are free you need to set boundaries so that there is no chance of the past repeating itself. It will be healthier for you both mentally and physically to love them from a distance. That way their attitudes and outlook will have a minimal effect on your life. You may be close to these people, but at the end of the day your first obligation is to yourself and doing what is right for you.


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